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What is ‘Cabanyal Archivo Vivo’?




What is ‘Cabanyal Archivo Vivo’?


CABANYAL ARCHIVO VIVO is a project proposed by the association Esfera Azul and its aim is to highlight the values, identity, memory and heritage of Valencia’s neighbourhood El Cabanyal through the tools of culture.

Initially CABANYAL ARCHIVO VIVO is a group of actions not only in the real world but on the Internet. The first of them, Let’s Talk About El Cabanyal, is a collection of more than a hundred people testimonies that express their personal experience, their memories regarding the neighbourhood El Cabanyal, and they are available on the Internet to show the El Cabanyal oral tradition richness throughout time and the different generations of its inhabitants and visitors. In the pedagogical sphere, Playing and Learning with El Cabanyal is a recreational tool for children, so that they can learn about the architectural and cultural heritage of the neighbourhood through the game. Cabanyal. Cultural Heritage, Citizen Participation and Initiatives of Future is a series of round tables with experts in architecture and heritage preservation and the neighbour associations that develop actions of future in El Cabanyal. Finally there are two artistic projects: Virtual Drifts in El Cabanyal, various proposals originated from geolocation concepts, and The Most Beautiful Beach, a special edition of the magazine ‘la más bella’ (the most beautiful) with the collaboration of 25 national artists of international relevance.



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